Touch pad not working after installing endless os 3.6.4 version


Can you guys help i recently installed ENDLESS OS 3.6.4 version on my new laptop and everything is working super fine but TOUCHPAD is not working…what may be the problem please help?

thanks in advance

Go to endless web site and give report about your eos-diagnostic. If you don’t know how to get this.
Open your terminal and in comm line write:eos-diagnostic. It may be driver or loop problem. Good luck!

pet, 11. lis 2019. u 16:48 Lessy via Endless Community napisao je:

Something that would help us a lot to understand the problem would be this:

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:


  1. The above command will create a file with the information of your system (example: eos-diagnostic-160614_111731_UTC + 0100.txt); Send us this file so we can analyze and see a possible solution

eos-diagnostic-191014_091640_UTC 0200.txt (725.7 KB)

here is the eos file

Upgrade to Endless OS 3.7.2 by App Center

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