Trouble booting Endless from a USB, system never fully loads, no menus showing

I have original posted about this in this thread, but it sadly got closed by the time I got around to replying.

To answer Egrath’s questions:

First to correct myself, I didn’t use Rufus but Endless’ normal installer and chose the USB stick option.

  • Unplugging the external monitor made no difference, neither did starting from the USB with or without the monitor plugged in.

  • When I clicked alt+f2 nothing happened.

This makes it sounds like the the system simply doesn’t fully load for some reason. More evidence to this is the fact that when I shut it down and boot again, it asks me for all the set up options again, instead of continuing where I left off like it should.

As I might have mentioned, before this started happening, I had a USB installation and was able to boot it up and continue using the system whenever I wanted.

I also tried two different USB sticks so I am quite baffled what might be causing this.

Any ideas?

After the first boot with a newly created USB stick, please try to enter your username with all lower cases.

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Egrath, you are a genius. Using a lowercase username did the trick. It loaded without a problem. Thank you so much.

What a silly reason!

Indeed - that must have been frustrating.
Sorry about the difficulties there - we have a solution on the way!

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Thank you for your reply, Daniel, and for looking into a fix. I am just glad we were able to come to the bottom of what was happening. What’s any good software without a few silly bugs? :slight_smile: