Uable to update from Endless 3.9.0 to 3.9.1 - Asus netbook

Hello, have problems with updating from 3.9.0 to 3.9.1. Hangs after a while. Attached the diagnostics file.

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal
  2. In this application run the command:
flatpak update --appstream && flatpak update -y
sudo ostree admin upgrade
eos-updater-ctl update --force

Hi, thanks for helping. After the first command I received several lines with “org.gnome.Platform.Locale is end-of-life, with reason: The GNOME 3.28 runtime is no longer supported and does not receive security updates. Please ask your application developer to migrate to a supported platform.”
Second command hangs up. Third ends with errors.
Endless stress with endless, sorry :wink:

Sorry again, wrong information,
upgrade from 3.9.3 to 3.9.4 failed.

Something that would help us a lot to understand the problem would be this:

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:


  1. The above command will create a file with the information of your system (example: eos-diagnostic-160614_111731_UTC + 0100.txt); Send us this file so we can analyze and see a possible solution

Hello, here we have the diagnostics file.

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Hello, as of today my Asus laptop won’t load Endless any longer. I restarted b y forced power off 30 times but it would o nly load the Asus logo and stop right there. It only responds to power of v a nd ctrl alt del but it won t do a thing more. Can I reboot using a shortcut because I do not know codes or operating with them. I only can tell it s not a pc problem as an OS problem. Lately I t performed worse than ever and I had to to hundreds of restarts as it blocked all the time.

Thank you,