Unable to load summary from remote winepak: GPG signatures found, but none are in trusted keyringI get this error when I try to download Winepak supported apps

I get this error when I try to download Winepak supported apps

Winepak seems not maintained anymore (last commit over 2 years ago), so i strongly recommend you to use the other Wine Wrappers available:

  • PlayOnLinux
  • Steam if it’s only about Gaming
  • Lutris

They are all available from the App Center (Lutris only if you add the Flathub Beta Repository)

I tried Lutris downloading the game but the game won’t open

error and won’t download

And some games I want are not on steam

:unamused: :unamused:

Then your option - the one i personally use - is to use Podman to run a Instance of Ubuntu in a Container, and inside Wine. I use this setup to run all of my Gaming needs :slight_smile:

A Tutorial on how to set up the Container is here:

Once you’re up and running, follow one of the many Tutorials on Wine out there.

To the original problem, there is a way to ignore the outdated GPG sig. please go through these steps:

As egrath mentioned, winepak is quite outdated, not sure which game you are looking for, so I pull the current list from winepak for you to save some time:

BaseApp	com.blizzard.BattleNet.BaseApp		stable
Overwatch	com.blizzard.Overwatch		stable
StarCraft2	com.blizzard.StarCraft2		stable
WoW	com.blizzard.WoW		stable
Client	com.leagueoflegends.Client		stable
Planet	com.oskarstalberg.Planet		stable
Client	com.pathofexile.Client		stable
Client	com.worldoftanks.Client		stable
Cemu	info.cemu.Cemu		stable
Notepad-plus-plus	org.notepad_plus_plus.Notepad-plus-plus		stable
Compat32	org.winepak.Platform.Compat32		3.0
corefonts	org.winepak.Platform.Extension.corefonts		3.0
d3dx9	org.winepak.Platform.Extension.d3dx9		3.0
msls31	org.winepak.Platform.Extension.msls31		3.0
vcrun2010	org.winepak.Platform.Extension.vcrun2010		3.0
vcrun2012	org.winepak.Platform.Extension.vcrun2012		3.0
vcrun2013	org.winepak.Platform.Extension.vcrun2013		3.0
vcrun2015	org.winepak.Platform.Extension.vcrun2015		3.0
vcrun2017	org.winepak.Platform.Extension.vcrun2017		3.0
Compat32	org.winepak.Platform.Wine.Compat32		3.10-staging
Compat32	org.winepak.Platform.Wine.Compat32		3.8-staging
Compat32	org.winepak.Platform.Wine.Compat32		3.9-staging
Wine	org.winepak.Platform.Wine		3.10-staging
Wine	org.winepak.Platform.Wine		3.8-staging
Wine	org.winepak.Platform.Wine		3.9-staging
Platform	org.winepak.Platform		3.0
Sdk	org.winepak.Sdk		3.0

For example, if you want to install StarCraft2, make sure uses root permission to bypass the signature check:

$ sudo flatpak install winepak StarCraft2


Using Wine, PoL, etc doesn’t seem to work for Roblox, as the runtime ends up loading the default system browser, which won’t know how to load the runtime. Roblox would have to run within it’s own isolated environment (and a full VM is too much waste of system resources).

I did try building a stripped-down MSWin10-2004 under QEMU/KVM, but it crashes the entire VM immediately on starting the runtime. Personally, I’d rather just ban that game system from my daughter’s system, but my wife plays it too (would have to ban it at the router, as Roblox runs from the user folders, so doesn’t need admin access).

Thanks to you I downloaded lol but the game does not open. Is there a solution?

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