What is windriver

What is WINDRIVER, which is located on ‘’ this computer ‘’.


Can you send us a screenshot?

I make an educated guess: You have some device attached to your computer via USB, which itself presents an additional USB Storage Media (in addition to the “real” device) which contains the driver for the device.

Often UMTS/LTE sticks and Wireless Display Adaptors (Barco) behave in this way.

No, I do not have a USB device connected. Just the razer mouse, but when I disconnect it, the windriver is still on.

Can you please generate a Diagnostic to give us a clue what /dev/sda4 is. This is the storage device whose filesystem is named WINDRIVER. To generate a Diagnostic, open the Terminal, then type:


Upload the file which is generated in your home directory to this thread.

Essa partição WINDRIVER contém apenas os driver do notebook para windows. Você pode apagar usando o aplicativo Discos

But if I delete it, will something happen? Shouldn’t I worry about something if I delete it?

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