Wi fi nao aparece nem conecta

o ícone não aprece e não consigo conectar com a internet.eos-diagnostic-221101_160633_UTC-0300.txt (1,1,MB)

Can you please upgrade to the latest version of Endless OS available and try again. To force a update, please open Terminal and run:

eos-updater-ctl update --force

This will upgrade your installation to 4.0.11 as of today. Please check if the Wifi issues are gone then, and if not resupply us with a new diagnostic.

boa noite,

o comando não funcionou e continuo sem acesso a internet.

eos-diagnostic-221103_002259_UTC-0300.txt (852 KB)

You are still at an old version. According to the screenshot, you had a typo when entering the command. Please enter the command exactly as shown in my previous post and also obey the whitespace. Enter the whole line and then press enter.

bom dia, apresentou essa mensagem. nada mudou.

eos-diagnostic-221103_090556_UTC-0300.txt (877 KB)

Has this device ever gotten a network connection? From what i see in the diagnostic, the system even does not recognize that there is a physical wireless network adaptor installed in the computer.

This can have three reasons:

  1. It’s disabled using some kind of hardware button on the device itself - check if there is any button with a “Wifi-Symbol” on it as a seperate key.
  2. It’s disabled in the computers BIOS
  3. It has lost it’s internal connection somehow.

For case (2) and (3) i recommend you to consult a computer shop for assistance or ask someone with the appropriate skills to verify this. We can’t support you in those two cases as it needs physical access to the device and is not easily done by instructions on a forum.