Wifi not connecting to the internet

My laptop connects to the internet erratically, some times it goes through other time it fails. I have 2 different wifi gadgets. I have tried both 3G and 4G. It connects to wifi but fails to go to the internet. It has a?

eos-diagnostic-200620_192225_UTC 0300[1].txt (590.8 KB)

Hi, is there any chance you could connect to internet through a cable and update your OS to 3.8.3?

Unfortunately the laptop doesn’t have a port only USB, I will keep trying till it connects then I upgrade. Not sure what triggers it to connect some times

Hi Mugo ,
Open terminal on desktop search engine or go to app center and open terminal then type the following command
sudo eos-safe-dafault disable then press enter .Reboot the device then try to connect to network again.

Hi Jesse, thanks. I upgraded to 3.8.3, seems to be more stable now. Only challenge is 4G which connects but pages don’t open. 3G is working OK but had an experience of screen freeze after some time on zoom call.

Kindly share your phone number I will give you a call on Monday

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