Would like to install windows, but THERE IS NO BOOTING MODE IN BIOS! Also, boot priority order only shows Linux


I wanted to install Windows on my Acer laptop, but in BIOS, there is no booting mode, that I can change, as you can see it on the picture below.


Also, under Boot Priority Order, there is only one option: Linux. I have Endless OS 3 on my computer now, but I really want to change it to windows.

For creating a bootable windows for usb, I used Rufus.
Can someone help me?


We are very sorry to hear that Endless OS did not fulfill your needs, unfortunately, the installation of other OS which is not Endless OS is out of our hands


We are truly sorry that Endless did not fulfill your needs and that you have to switch to a different OS.

If you are trying to install Windows on an Endless Computer, this won’t be possible since these models were created specifically for Endless OS, on the other hand, if you are trying to install Windows on a laptop that brought Endless OS, we kindly suggest you contact your distributor since you might lose the warranty.

Unfortunately, installing other OS that is not Endless, is out of our hands.

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