You Tube and facebook clips dont work



You Tube clips and clips on facebook dont work. I can not see the clips. I dont now why! On facebook I could never watch clips but now from one month I cant watch and on You Tube. Why? I always update the system and is fresh.

Thank youeos-diagnostic-181021_002425_UTC 0200.txt (511.8 KB)

  1. Abra la aplicación llamada ‘Terminal’
  2. En esta aplicación, ejecute el comando:
rm -f eos-fix-ostree-repo
chmod +x eos-fix-ostree-repo
sudo ./eos-fix-ostree-repo && flatpak update


Unfortunately, everything remained the sameeos-diagnostic-181021_022737_UTC 0200.txt (489.0 KB)


@gmiserbia1 Did you restart your computer?


@LeandroStanger Yes, and it is same. On Facebook clips remain frozen and can not be started, and on You tube do not work at all.
eos-diagnostic-181021_110438_UTC 0200.txt (307.8 KB)


I don’t have an Endless device at hand right now, but this looks like it could be an issue with the Internet browser itself, in which case eos-fix-ostree-repo wouldn’t do anything to fix it.

Reading through your diagnostics file, I see you’re using a fairly old version of Endless (3.3.14), which comes with a fairly outdated version of the Internet browser, based on Chromium 64 (current version is based on Chromium 69), so it’s perfectly possible that the problem you’re experiencing is caused by that (using an old browser).

I also see you don’t have any other browser installed, so my first recommendation would be for you to upgrade Endless OS to the latest release (3.4.8) which, besides lilkely fixing your issues with YouTube and Facebook, will also incorporate many other updates, bug fixes and other improvements throughout the whole platform.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to update the whole OS for any reason, you can try to install Google Chrome from the App Center and try playing YouTube from there, since that way you should get an up-to-date browser too (Chrome is not tied to the OS as the Chromium-based “Internet” browser, so you’d get Chrome 69 that way). Or even Firefox, which I believe is also available.

Hope this helps,


@mario Thank you very much, I go to try it and I’ll tell you what happened


@mario I am updated fresh copy of Endeless OS but that is no latest release (3.4.8) in my case fresh copy of Endeless OS is 3.3.14 (180320-225736) i dont know why?
Now I go to try install Google Chrome and try You Tube and Facebook clips and then I try whit Firefox and I’ll tell you what happened then
New diagnostics
eos-diagnostic-181025_212108_UTC 0200.txt (439.6 KB)


@mario Thenk you very much, its working. On Firefox and Google Chrome You Tube work normal. Now just please see why is my new version on Endeless OS is 3.3.14 (180320-225736)?

Than you very much for You Tube and that problem.

best regards


Happy to help, and even happier to see that you’re able to watch YouTube now with those browsers.

As for why the OS doesn’t update further than 3.3.14 I honestly don’t know, all I can say is that my Endless device is at 3.4.8 now, which I believe is the last version. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you a decent answer since I no longer work at Endless since a couple of months ago, but I’ll tag here @ramcq and @wjt in case they know the answer (or, at the very least to let them know about this problem).

Good luck!


@mario Thank you again for help and good luck!


Thanks @mario :slight_smile: @gmiserbia1 it looks like you’ve run into a rare updater bug, because your computer has downloaded a update, but is not booting into it.

Can you try to run this command on a terminal:
sudo grub-editenv - create
(please copy and paste to make sure that you get it correct)

Then reboot. You should then be running OS version 3.3.18, and then if you check for updates again in “Settings” -> “Details”, you will see an upgrade to 3.4.8. (You must upgrade to 3.3.18 before upgrading to 3.4.)


Thanks @ramcq I am doing that “Can you try to run this command on a terminal:
sudo grub-editenv - create” and is be good. My last version was 3.3.14 (180320-225736) and now after reboot is 3.3.19 (180611-160226). I go now on update again and now my version is 3.5.4. (190110-212504).
Thank you very, very much!

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