3.6.0 not loading, how to rollback?


Recently after autoupdate from 3.5.9 to 3.6.0, system goes into infinite hold.
I can load 3.5.9 from advanced GRUB option, but when I restart, problem persists.
Also I can’t update grub to make 3.5.9 default, and couldn’t find info how to do it with ostree system.
Would appreciate help.



  • Boot into 3.6.0 and take photographs/a screenshot of exactly what happens
  • Using the GRUB menu (following these instructions to display it if you have trouble), boot into 3.5.9
  • Follow the first set of instructions here to generate an eos-diagnostic log, and attach it here
  • In a Terminal window, run pkexec eos-rollback (authenticating when prompted) to make your system boot into 3.5.9 by default

Error: no such device: ostree
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