3.9.6 download Idconfig failed, exit status 256,

I am using the endless 3.9.5, and it can not update it anymore. I could not download anything, there is always this error message: ’ Idconfig failed, exit status 256’. Skype and zoom does not work, also the camera doesn’'t work anymore.

I tried to use terminal and got a diagnostic code, here is what I got: Gjs-Message JS LOG: Can’t save diagnostic file to /sysroot/home/vakika/eos-diagnostic-210818_152733_UTC0200.txt. Failed to create file “/sysroot/home/vakika/eos-diagnostics-210818_152733_UTC0200.txt2ECW70” Read only file system.
Thank you for your help

This sounds like there is some filesystem corruption that could not be fixed automatically. There is also a possibility that your hard disk is failing.

You can attempt a filesystem repair with this process: