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Tell us about the apps you want, need, or would like to see on Endless!

Endless OS comes with a wide range of apps that come preloaded, or that you can download from the App Center if you have an internet connection. There are apps for productivity, entertainment, education, and much more.

Installing new apps. Right now, you can only install apps and software that is available through Endless’ App Center. We do this in order to make Endless OS safe and so that users can quickly and easily install a wide variety of apps with just a few clicks.

Let us know what’s most useful. If you have a favorite app that you can’t find on Endless OS, let us know. We might be able to suggest something similar that exists, or else it’s always good to hear about what our users need most.

Interested in building apps? We’re working on providing a SDK so that developers can easily build apps for the Endless ecosystem. Until that’s finished, developers can begin by creating an app that runs on Flatpak. Check out the conversation on the SDK and flatpak for more information.

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