Abrir arquivo .desktop


Novamente, necessito abrir/instalar um arquivo .desktop, mas as orientações que me deram não funcionaram.

  1. Abra um terminal nesta pasta

  2. Copie a pasta a-vous-a1 para /opt com o comando:
    sudo cp -R a-vous-a1 /opt

  3. Copie o inciador a-vous-a1.desktop para /usr/share/applications com o comando:
    sudo cp /opt/a-vous-a1/a-vous-a1.desktop /usr/share/applications

Quando tento realizar o primeiro comando, aparece que o arquivo ou diretório é inexistente.

EOS is a little bit different compared to other Distributions in terms of installing applications. Is the application available somewhere so i can work out a exact procedure for installation for you?

This is an application that I downloaded from a publisher's website with personal code that was provided to me. The app isn't available anywhere other than on the publisher's website. I downloaded the .zip file, unzipped it into the Downloads folder. A new folder has appeared, inside it there's another folder and it's inside this folder that the .desktop application to be installed is located.

In general, a file ending with .desktop is just a description used by the operating system to have a Application Entry available at the usual places.

The .desktop has to be placed under ~/.local/share/applications. Open it with a Editor and point the Exec line to the unpacked executable of the application.

Unfortunately without the files i’m unable to provide detailed steps, so you’re a little bit on your own here :slight_smile: