Access educational content

Access educational content in Kolibri (Windows and macOS)

  1. Follow the instructions based on your operating system.

    a. In Windows, press Explore Content from the Endless Launcher.
    b. On macOS, double click Kolibri for macOS in the Finder.
    NOTE: The first time you open the Kolibri content app might take several minutes.

  2. Security Note: You might need to grant Kolibri access:

    a. Windows: If you encounter a Windows Security Alert, press Allow Access to grant Kolibri permission to bypass the Windows Defender firewall settings.
    b. macOS: If you encounter a dialog box asking to access files from a removable device, press OK.

  3. In the Kolibri Learn screen, click the channels to explore content.

Kolibri Customization Tips

  • Consider creating an user account with the avatar in the upper right to track your progress as you browse content.
  • Parents or educators can create an Administrative account to add content channels, Quizzes, custom content and more with Kolibri Studio. We have created a default Administrator account (Username and password: “admin”).
  • To access information on using Kolibri, visit “How to get started with Kolibri on Endless OS”.

Accessing Encyclopedia content in macOS

To open the Endless Key in macOS:

  1. Insert the Endless Key into the USB port.
  2. In Finder, open the Endless Key USB drive.
  3. Open the Kiwix for macOS app, then press Open File.
  4. Navigate to the Endless Key USB drive.
  5. Press Command + Shift + . (period) to show hidden files.
  6. Navigate to .kiwix → Flatpak → com.endlessm.encyclopedia.en-openzim-subscription and double-click 1.zim

  1. Browse the Encyclopedia contents or search on a subject at the top.

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