Add Thonny IDE to Endless OS

  1. Download Thony from Thonny Website ( manually or

Binary bundle for PC (Thonny+Python):

$ cd ~/Documents
$ bash <(wget -O -

  1. Extract the thonny-3.2.1-x86_64.tar.gz

  2. change directory into thonny folder

$ cd thonny

  1. run the install file

$ ./install
Copying files to /sysroot/home/khairul/apps/thonny …
/sysroot/home/khairul/apps/thonny already exists. I need to clear it. Is it OK? [Y/n]: Y
Creating start menu item (/usr/share/applications/Thonny.desktop) …
[Errno 30] Read-only file system: ‘/usr/share/applications/Thonny.desktop’

  1. go to folder

cd ~/.local/share/applications/

  1. Create file Thonny.desktop with content below:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Python IDE
Exec=/sysroot/home/khairul/apps/thonny/bin/thonny %F
Comment=Python IDE for beginners

[Desktop Action Edit]
Exec=/sysroot/home/khairul/apps/thonny/bin/thonny %F
Name=Edit with Thonny

*Please change the home directory into yours

  1. Copy the thonny.png

$ cp ~/Documents/thonny/lib/python3.7/site-packages/thonny/res/thonny.png /sysroot/home/khairul/apps/thonny/res/thonny.png

*Please change the home directory into yours

  1. Validate the desktop file

$ desktop-file-validate ~/.local/share/applications/Thonny.desktop

Remain in ~/.local/share/applications/ directory

  1. Add the Thony to desktop

$ eos-add-to-desktop Thonny

You may upgrade to the latest Thony via Open “Tools => Manage plug-ins” and look for “thonny” in the list then click “Upgrade”

D0n3 !!

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The Endless OS is only compatible with Flatpak Applications. At the moment Thonny doesn’t have a Flatpak version

You can install using the toolbox command. The Toolbox is a tool that offers a familiar RPM based environment for developing and debugging software that runs fully unprivileged using Podman. I recommend reading the toolbox command documentation using the command toolbox --help or

Create a new toolbox container using the command:

toolbox create

To run the toolbox use the command:

toolbox enter

To install Thonny use the command:

sudo dnf install thonny

To run Thonny use the command:


Thank you…for sharing about thonny.

This isn’t true, as evidenced by two different ways to install a non-Flatpak version of Thonny in this thread!

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