Adobe reader A download quesiton for endless


i apologize for the very ignorant question. I need Adobe 8 or higher pdf reader to use a necessary pdf document, and I cannot find out how to download it for endless after looking on google.
If you can please send me a link so i can download it it would be of great help.
Sorry again for my incompetence with this question :slight_smile:

Adobe no longer supports Linux as a Platform for Acrobat Reader … the last version available generally was 9.5 (it’s from 2013!), but it’s not available as a Flatpak.

So you have a few choices:

  1. Use another Reader
  2. Use Podman to run a Instance of Ubuntu 14.04 on Endless OS and install Acrobat 9.5 inside

I highly recommend going the first way. Tell us which special features of Acrobat do you need - eventually a FOSS software already has it. There are plenty of different PDF Readers out there (like Okular, Evince, …)

hi egrath,
thanks very much for your response.
It is for an emergency visa to travel to Canada in times of COVID.
On the official Canadian government page I try to download the pdf for the visa and it says, I need adobe reader or I cannot download the visa form.

this is the link

Your family member who is the Canadian citizen or permanent resident must fill out the application for authorization and statutory declaration (IMM 0006) (PDF, 2.2 MB). Updated October 9, 2020

I want to download it myself and I cannot

any help is greatly appreciated, thank you

sorry I forgot to say, I try to download it, thinking I can open it in Okular, but it doesnt even let me get to that stage that I could open the document

Master PDF can open these Kind of Files. It’s in the App Center :slight_smile:

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many many thanks egrath, it worked perfectly! all the best!