Alternative for wamp for Endless


I can’t find Xamp or Wamp for endless os.
can any one help me?


The easiest way would be to set up a VM in GNOME Boxes and have your LAMP this way.


How to do that (using gnome ) Do you have any tutorial for that. If yes then kindly please provide me for the same.


Not really a complete tutorial, but a few hints to get you in the right direction:

  1. Download Ubuntu Server Installation Image from
  2. Install it into GNOME Boxes
  3. Follow the LAMP Tutorial for Ubuntu 18.04 from

If you set up everything, your next issue will probably be like: How to transfer my files to this LAMP Instance? For this, i recommend you to set up Samba and create a share which points to your Apache root directory. Follow:

I know it’s not as simple as just installing some premade package and have everything in place, but trust me - it’s worth to know how the gears work in behind, it will make you a more versatile developer.

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