App Center not updating, command works

App Center keeps looking for updates but command works
$ killall gnome-software
$ flatpak update --appstream && flatpak update -y
Updating appstream data for remote eos-apps
Updating appstream data for remote eos-runtimes
Updating appstream data for remote eos-sdk
Updating appstream data for remote flathub
Looking for updates…

    ID                          Branch   Op  Remote   Download
  1. [✓] org.phoenicis.playonlinux stable u flathub 212.2 kB / 140.8 MB

Updates complete.
$ gnome-software
06:46:52:0726 Gs enabled plugins: desktop-categories, dpkg, eos-updater, external-appstream, os-release, provenance, appstream, provenance-license, desktop-menu-path, flatpak, generic-updates, hardcoded-blocklist, rewrite-resource, eos, eos-blocklist, icons, malcontent, odrs, key-colors, key-colors-metadata
06:46:52:0726 Gs disabled plugins: dummy, repos
06:46:56:0157 Gs FIXME: Unknown progress handling is not yet implemented for GsProgressButton

Then App Center says Software is up to date.

Kamalakareos-diagnostic-210524_122102_UTC 0530.txt (1.1 MB)

So you still have Updates available in App Center after doing a command line update, is this correct? If, please post a Screenshot of the available Updates in App Center.

No. Updates are not available after doing command line update. Since the last command is
$ gnome-software
the App Center opens and says Software is up to date.

As I posted App Center keeps looking for updates indefinitely where as command showed the update and applied it.


OK, can you please run the following command to clear App Centers entire cache. It will redownload required metadata after the next start of App Center:

killall -9 gnome-software; rm -Rf ~/.cache/gnome-software

Please verify if that fixed the issue.

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