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Just got a hack laptop for the kids with Endless OS installed. When I open the App Center, it just says “Getting flatpak metadata for eos-runtimes…” and sits there spinning forever. Additionally, google chrome also just has a circle spinning around the chrome icon when I open that. Other apps seem to work fine. Any ideas what I can do to fix this? Diagnostic log attached.

eos-diagnostic-190609_152557_UTC-0700.txt (382.5 KB)


To get support for HACK Computer you have to report the bug here


At first, try updating everything from the command line:

flatpak update --appstream --assumeyes
flatpak update --assumeyes

Then, update your EOS installation to the latest one (3.5.9 currently):

eos-updater-ctl update


This is likely related to your problems with the app center because Chrome is not actually pre-installed: it is automatically installed when you connect to the internet or when you click the desktop icon to start it.

If you still see these problems after updating your system, please follow the second set of instructions in this FAQ to get a debug log from gnome-software and attach it here.

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