App Centre doesn't work

eos-diagnostic-220605_095612_UTC 0300.txt (610.0 КБ)

I have a problem with App Centre, it shows Sorry, something went wrong: No xa.metadata in local commit …” see screenshot and no updates of apps displays. I can;t find any solutiones on community forum and support site.

Can you please open a Terminal, then run:

flatpak repair --verbose

If the problem still persists after running the command, please post it’s output for further assistance.

unfortunatelly, it can’t helpeos-diagnostic-220608_071935_UTC 0300.txt (517.1 КБ)

Can you please run:

flatpak uninstall -y

This will uninstall the application generating the issue. Endless’s weather forecast application has been deprecated some time ago and replaced with GNOME Weather.

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Thanks. the problem was solved.The weather forecast was deleted. Then was appeared error with anothet app VideoNet. I deinstall it via App Centre. And now App Centre works normal.

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