Apps and terminal. Open terminal and solve the problems with the apps that don't work!

Please fix the apps in the app center or make it posible to ad apps trought the terminal.
The apps that are there are very limited and basic apps like wine isn’t even there. Gnome Twitch runs on other platforms but not on Endless os and it is imposible to fix this.

Also ad a dark and light theme option. I don’t know why but it wasn’t there.

I try to reinstall the system again to see if it fixes some things, but i think that i need to switch to and other os.
It is sad because the os is great, it has only a li,ited amount of apps that is even small for Linux standards.

Just ad an option by installing that advanced users can install apps tough the terminal and can switch this on. It increases the user base a lot.
Even as it is open, the users you aim for, will not use the Terminal.So it is useless to lock it in my opinion.
Linux is not Apple that locks you in to what they want. It’s open!!

  1. You can install apps through command line tools: flatpak
  2. You can run almost all applications (including wine) through toolbox

Ok and Gnome Twitch? That app tells me there is no player as i want to watch a stream, As i go to options and choose one of the 2 options of gstreamer, the app just crashes and closses.

I am installing toolbox again, but last time i didn’t fount wine it it.
I wanted that to install an other version to watch twitch, but that will not be there with flatpak i think, but i will try.

Endless’s GNOME Twitch is accessed through flathub. If you are facing problems with it, you could try opening an issue at

I looked ad it and the app isn’t updated in years, so i don’t believe that it has any suport.
That is why i looked ad wine and install the windows app. But with what to do to get Wine working and that the app probably be slower than a web app, i decided to go for the web app.
I will do the same with the other software i use.

THerefore i will use the web apps. Luckilly Microsoft has also everything online.

You have such great os, why close it so it is so limited?
Yes you aim at a surten user but, the user base and with it the suport would be way bigger.
Is a second version or an administrator option not a posibility?

I am doing it now trough web apps.
That solved a lot.
THge system will be now more for other things than i wanted to use it for, but for office and media, it is still great.

Thanks for your feedback. Part of the reason that Endless is a great OS is because it is built upon great open source software. Open source software usually only becomes great through the involvement of the wider user community, especially when key developers have limited time to work on it. So if Twitch is important to you, I’d definitely encourage you to make a small contribution to the GNOME Twitch community through reporting the difficulty you have faced with it, even if the software has not seen significant recent updates.

In terms of extended administration powers, I’d encourage you to further explore podman and toolbox, included in Endless OS. To give a clue of its capabilities, take a look at how Mariadb/mysql can be taken directly from Fedora and run on Endless. Or see how gnucash can be taken from Ubuntu in order to overcome a limitation with the flatpak version. The containerisation here provides a nice compromise between the high level of robustness offered by Endless OS’s unique design, while also giving you a big dose of freedom inside your own sandbox.

And feel welcome to let us know what other tasks you are having trouble with on Endless OS so that we can consider improvements for the future.

Well i use CAD programs a lot and next to that I use Office. I know libre office, but it isn’t working that well with MS Office. But I can do that online.
The CAD programs i use, don’t really run well on this laptop. Yes Linux has some CAD software, but they are way to limited and don’t work that well.

For this laptop i use MS Office online and i will do that also with my mail programs.
Further i will use Netflix, Prime, Twitch, TV online from my provider and some other streaming services.
Steam so i can stream my games to this laptop that i will connect to a tv.
VLC and some programs like kdenlive and gimp.

What i would like to see, is that the web apps are all like the web apps that are provided as the ones that are in the os. So without the surchbar and bookmarks.
Also posibility that you can ad your own icon as you creat a web app, would be great. Not all icons are great or are there.
I made them now trough Chrome, but that makes that i can only pin them to the taskbar. Also i can’t move them around as they are on it. As i could move them around and also move them to the desktop, than would that be great.

A theme option. So that it is easy to change icons. I just looked online and found how to do it, but it would be great as there was just a simple app where you could pick your icon style that you downloaded.
Also a dark and light mode would be great.

I will keep my other laptop with win 10 for the other software.
This laptop with Endless OS will be my privit system.

I don’t agree completly with you on the opensource, but i will not post my view on that here.
If you want than i will make a post with my view on opensource, but i think that it is better in a privit message or mail.
I did this before and not everyones reads and just reacts negative without knowing what is said.

Still great desktop and as you can change those things for me, than it would be even better. :wink:

It’s not exactly what you are envisioning, but you can add websites to the desktop by right clicking on empty space on the desktop and selecting “Add Website”.

Thanks for your comments, we will take them into consideration!

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