Arcade Cabinet and EndlessOS

Dear fiends
Thank you so much for this amazing OS, please never stop developing…
I am about to start a new project building my arcade game cabinet but I wanted a bit more then just a playing machine, so that I would like to create an hybrid between an arcade device and a computer.
Could you please advice on which emulators run on EOS?
Also do you think there will be problems hooking up arcade joysticks such as this ones?

Ideally I would be nice to have an application like hacks that run in parallel with the OS and shows all the emulators/games and then when one you want to return to the OS you just switch it off.
OK Maybe a tough for developers…
Many thanks for now!


Simple game launcher for GNOME

A Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, and Master System emulator

Dolphin Emulator
GameCube / Wii / Triforce Emulator

x86/DOS emulator with sound and graphics

FS-UAE Amiga Emulator

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator

GB Enhanced+
A Game Boy (Color, Advance) emulator

HxC Floppy Emulator
Software and hardware solution to replace the old floppy disk

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Emulator

A Nintendo Entertainment System emulator

A Playstation 2 emulator

Cross platform, customizable graphical frontend for launching emulators

A PlayStation Portable emulator

Frontend for emulators, game engines and media players

A Super Nintendo emulator

Thomson TO8D emulator

Versatile Commodore Emulator

Hi Leandro,
thanks a lot for your answer?
Are all these are working in EOS and present in the app installer? or do I need to do it trough terminal?
Is there a way to pack all this in one app? Including the games?
I am thinking to have something like Retropi but with the option of switching back to EOS.
Also something like SteamOS big picture mode.

Another solution would be a dual boot between EOS and Retropi, is this possible? But I rather have the first option

Many thanks

These apps are currently working with EOS.

It might be possible through a Virtual Machine

I guess would be easier to just switch the sd cards
many thanks for your help

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