Bagaimana Cara Tukar latar GNU saat ada pilihan Dual boot ( WIndows & Endless OS )?


Saya mau menukar latar pada saat ada plihan dual boot ? caranya gimana ya pak ?


Menukar gambar latar belakang?
Dual boot dengan Windows berapa?
Kalau di komputer saya, saat pilihan boot, seperti berikut tampilannya (ikut tampilan Windows)


Seperti ini pak . kan biasa nya sih kalau linux lain gantinya lewat terminal gitu , kalau ini caranya beda gak sama linux2 lainnya ?


@LeandroStanger is it possible to change GRUB background on Endless?


Ever try this?


@wjt could help me :endless:


The reason you see the Windows boot menu, rather than the GRUB menu that @Henma sees, is that on EFI systems we use GRUB to show the menu, whereas on BIOS systems we use Windows’ menu (and GRUB is silent).

It’s probably technically possible to modify the appearance of the GRUB menu by editing the configuration in the C:\endless\grub directory but this is very much not supported! Making the menu more beautiful is something we hope to do at some point but it is not the highest priority right now.


install BURG aja, bisa di edit sesuka hati latar sama iconnya

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