Becoming an Endless OS mirror

We’ve just rolled out some infrastructure which allows third-parties to mirror Endless OS ISOs and other OS images, and which redirects downloaders to the nearest mirror. If you’re near a mirror, downloads with the Endless Installer for Windows or with eos-download-image should now go a bit faster. Mirrors will also be used as BitTorrent web seeds from the next release of Endless OS.

You can see the current list of mirrors here. Right now we have one in Sweden and one in Denmark, which is good news for me in London: no need for the data to cross the Atlantic. We would love to have mirrors elsewhere in the world, particularly in Latin America and Southeast Asia. If you’re interested in becoming an Endless OS mirror, check out this article which explains how to do it, and get in touch!


@wjt Is there any mirror or CDN for eos-apps instead of ISO mirror spesifically for South East Asia?

Not at the moment :frowning: