Beta Release | Endless OS 3.7.4~beta2

The second beta release of Endless OS 3.7.4 is out. Please follow these instructions if you want to join the beta testing program; bear in mind that the chance of encountering bugs is higher than in a regular stable release. As always, please ensure your data is backed up!

Except where otherwise noted, all release notes for 3.7.4~beta1 still apply.

Hack 2

The new Endless release adds a destination for kids to learn how to code. With this app Kids have the tools available to develop creative problem-solving skills and build confidence in a fun and safe environment.

The 5 Hack characters will walk you through the various pathways: Games, Art, Web, Maker and Operating System.

You can dive into the world of Hack using the pinned app icon on your desktop.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • Updated Chromium. We’ve updated to Chromium 78.0.3904.97 to bring the latest security fixes to Endless’ built-in web browser.
  • Updated Chromium’s Exploration Center extension. The extension was updated in this release to fix an issue with high CPU usage.
  • Improved App Center stability and startup performance. The App Center has gained a series of updates this version, bringing more stability in general as well as an improved startup performance. Some users have also reported that the App Center stopped showing applications after upgrading to Endless OS 3.7.0 - this should also be fixed in this version.
  • USB app updates work more reliably. Supported applications can be copied to a USB drive using the “Copy to USB” button in the App Center, and inserting such a drive causes the App Center to open showing the apps available on the drive (this functionality was broken for a few releases). Note that there is still an issue that prevents USB updates (although app installs should work) from working without an Internet Connection, this will be fixed in a future release.
  • ISO-based live USB sticks now support data persistency. Live USB sticks created by writing an ISO image directly to a USB flash drive now support data persistency, meaning that documents created by the user and new app installations will still be available after a reboot. This does not apply to installer USB sticks created with the Endless Installer program on Windows.

Known Issues

  • Netflix stopped working on Chromium. This issue was introduced in Endless OS 3.7.0 and should be fixed in this version but if you still experience it after upgrading please do as follows:
    • Open Terminal
    • From Terminal run:
      pkexec rm -rf /var/lib/chromium-plugins-extra/eos-chrome-plugin-updater
    • Reboot your computer


is it a known bug that you are unable to move desktop icons around to arrange them in the way you like? On 3.7.3 this was possible, on 3.7.4 Beta 2, i’m unable to move them - i can grab them and move them around, but as soon as i release the left mouse button, they get back to their originating location.


Thanks @egrath, we confirm this is a known issue and will be looking into it.

Thanks again for this report – we believed it is fixed in the final 3.7.4 release.