Beta Release | Endless OS 4.0.0~beta5

A new beta release of Endless 4.0 is out! Please follow these instructions if you want to join the beta testing program.

This release brings changes to the default icon grid organization for new users, and some small documentation translation fixes, which most likely won’t be noticed by users already running the previous beta release. We are considering this a release candidate, so unless we find any critical bugs, the final Endless OS 4.0.0 release will look exactly like this last beta. On that note, we would like to thank everyone who dedicated some time to try out the beta releases: your help is very valuable in making Endless OS 4.0 the best it can be!

Endless OS 4.0 will bring a lot of changes and improvements, detailed in the Endless OS 4.0 (UNRELEASED) Release Notes.

As a beta tester, you can help us by providing feedback on stability and hardware support, and reporting software regressions (things that used to work in previous releases that stopped working on this new release).


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