Beta Release | Endless OS 6.0.0~beta2

The second beta release of Endless OS 6 is out! Please follow these instructions if you want to join the beta testing program. Bear in mind that the chance of encountering bugs in a beta release is higher than in a regular release – please ensure your data is backed up before updating.

Endless OS 6 will bring a lot of changes and improvements, which are detailed in draft form in the Draft Release Notes . Most of the changes listed there are already present in the 6.0.0~beta2 release.

As a beta tester, you can help us by providing feedback on stability and hardware support, and reporting software regressions (things that used to work in previous releases that stopped working on this new release).

Good morning. All good? Thank you for posting about this new beta2 version of the System. Could you tell us what’s new and fixed in this Beta 6.0.0 version? Give now, we thank you. I’m looking forward to having an update that corrects the inconsistent information in the offline “Enciclopédia” program for the Brazilian public.

Hi. Yes there is an issue I found.

eos-factory-reset does not affect installed flatpak applications. After rebooting and creating a new user to the wiped system flatpack application remain persistent from the previous user install. This behaviour can also be observed with current 5.1 stable branch.

Gnome settings and changes are wiped and restored in both tests as intendend.

Also updating from stable to beta branch from pkgexec does not enroll all applications as it intended. It keeps user applications in place and only updates them to gnome 46 ostree. I have compared a generated dev master branch iso (endless os 6.1). Clearly missing apps in the beta (gnome decibel) that are present in the dev iso but not in the beta. And I’ve old flatpak depencies from 5.1 when updating to 6.0 beta instead a clean state devel iso.

How to proceed to get a full wiped as intended 6.0 beta system with its apps as if it was installed new, besides using an iso to install from dev branch devel?

Attached eos diagnostic for ?? Might be needed.

eos-diagnostic-240503_145049_UTC 0200.txt (1,1 MB)

Related to eos 6.0 branch. eos-image-maker says you using gnome application framework 43 for some applications. That has been sunset to unsupported in september 2023. Might want to upgrade those gnome apps to a more recent version and sunset this depency as well in 6.0 source.

This is expected.

Installing a fresh image is the only way. We don’t routinely publish installation images for beta releases – for historical reasons, our tools aren’t set up to do that – but you could download this nightly build as a preview of the 6.0.0 basic image.

Thanks. This is due to GNOME’s video player, Totem (org.gnome.Totem), which we install by default. This pull request will eventually update it to the GNOME 46 runtime.

Okay. Will proceed with nightly build on non productivity pc if I find anything out of place

Only weirdness I can report with this build. Gnome made 2 utilities folders out of the box. Apparent there is a limit how many app launchers a folder on the gnome shell can hold. Maybe ran into limit and that’s why there are 2.

Nothing else funky on my end. Tried on both thinkpad t460 and hp 400 g1 mid tower with haswell gen i5.

Interesting and well spotted. We’ll take a look. Thanks!

Thanks for this report. I reproduced this with a fresh install of the 6.0.0 release. We’ll investigate a fix for a future release.