Beta Release | Endless OS 6.0.1~beta1

I have just released Endless OS 6.0.1~beta1, the first beta leading up to the 6.0.1 release. Compared to 6.0.0, this adds a few fixes for a particular laptop model, places the Settings icon correctly on the desktop for new users, and adds some command-line tools with which advanced users can configure a Wireguard VPN.

If you want to test this and future beta releases of Endless OS, follow these instructions:

Another week, another beta release: 6.0.1~beta2. This includes:

  • Improvements to Kolibri integration
  • A fix for mouse input being ignored if a window automatically opens when you log in
  • New dual-boot installations of 6.0.0 incorrectly had less than 1GB of free space, regardless of the size chosen during installation. This has been fixed, both for affected systems upgrading to this beta, and for fresh installations once 6.0.1 is released. It is not necessary to reinstall.
  • Diagnostic logs from early in the boot process are now correctly preserved during the first boot of a new installation.

See the release notes above for further information.