Biometrics/Touch ID

I have a Hack Laptop with a little pad, I looked in the booklet and it told me if was for touch ID. I have searched the settings for touch ID and biometrics. How do I use touch ID on my Hack Laptop?

  1. Go to Settings :arrow_right: Details :arrow_right: Users
  2. Press on Disabled, next to Fingerprint Login to add a fingerprint for the selected account. If you are adding the fingerprint for a different user, you will first need to Unlock the panel.
  3. Select the finger that you want to use for the fingerprint, then Next.
  4. Follow the instructions in the dialog and swipe your finger at a moderate speed over your fingerprint reader. Once the computer has a good record of your fingerprint, you will see a Done! message.
  5. Select Next. You will see a confirmation message that your fingerprint was saved successfully. Select Close to finish.

The fingerprint sensor on the hack laptop is currently unsupported. Unfortunately the vendor has not provided any Linux drivers to make this accessory usable on our OS. Sorry about that.