Booting EndlessOS fails

My EndlessOS is unbootable. If I try to boot normally, it hangs on the second splash Screen (1st: Acer, 2nd the infinity symbol for EndlessOS). I forcedly switched the notebook off and retried booting two times without any Change, then, during the third boot attempt, I hit F12 for getting verbose boot messages. I succeeded in making some screenshots with my mobile phone, which I include here: they were taken as can be seen in the file names at the local time








There are several ugly error messages and finally it is stuck in an endless (!) loop tryimg and failint to Start a service: Failed to start Accounts Service

I cannot attach the eos-diagnostic log file since it does not boot. If it makes sense, I would be able to boot another Linux from USB (Q4OS, yet another Debian Bullseye derivate), I can offer to do that and I might be able chroot into EndlessOS file system to create the eos-diagnostic, but on the one hand, I don’t know, if this makes sense and on the second hand I would need some help in doing that.

Any help in repairing is welcome. As noted, I could boot another Debian for file system repair. I recently (see How do I add myself to the group input?) duplicated the input group in /etc/group, but I rebooted several times since then without apparent problems, so I doubt that this might have caused the boot problem.

You should be able to switch to VT2 at this point (Alt-F2), then log in and run:

sudo journalctl -u accounts-daemon

Please make a photo of the output.

I had tried switching to a another console but there was no login prompt, only a black screen …

OK, have to work out a exact procedure on how to extract the necessary logs with a live USB - but will take at least until monday when i get back home.

thanks in advance. I will be away from the system between next Monday and Friday …

Hello Btreut,

I had some problems at start up too. If you still have your USB key used to setup endless OS, you can also use it for repairing purpose ; see option 1 from this tutorial :

Hope that could help you :slight_smile:

thanks. This is a laptop, which came with EndlessOS preinstalled.

@Zerooky: the link you provided suggests to fsck the ostree partition. since I am able to boot another Linux, I did a fsck of the ostree partition from there and it found lots of errors. I allowed fsck to correct the errors, although I do not understand where these errors came from.

fsck of the system partition solved the boot problem … this post is now from repaired EndlessOS, previous post 7 was from Q4OS.

Great to read you solved it !
Thanks for the feedback, it’s good to learn how you made it work.