Bottles tutorial

How to use Bottles app (short tutorial)?


Bottles is a Wrapper for the Wine (Acronym for “Wine is not e Emulator”) which allows you to run most Software developed for Windows on Linux. Inside Bottles, a Bottle is a set of a specific Wine version alongside a configuration.


Install it from within the App Center, then run it


At the first start, just complete the Wizard, it will download additional files needed. Then, create a new Bottle, give it a Name and the desired configuration profile:
In my case, i intend to run applications, so i chose the appropriate preset. During the creation of the Bottle, it may ask to install additional dependencies, simply confirm these questions.

Install Applications

When the creation has finished, you can simply run a application - be it a installer or application directly - within the new Bottle:
For example, i selected the 32 Bit Notepad++ Installer:

The Window in the foreground already is a native Windows application which is run through Wine. Finish the installation process according to the questions asked by the Installer.

Running Applications

For most applications, they show up inside the Bottle, but some are not:

Notepad++ is such a example, which is not shown under “Programs”. For these you need to run the Task Manager and the browse for the executable there:

There are many other options inside Bottles, like selecting the Wine Version and overriding some configuration parameters. In normal cases, the defaults are sufficient.

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Thanx a lot for such quick reaction.

It doesn’t run, nor launch…

Please be more specific :slight_smile: The Bottles Application itself or some Windows application?

Bottles itself… I’ve installed, but it doesn’t run.

eos-diagnostic-210405_210913_UTC-0300.txt (1.4 MB)

Can you please run the following command and post its output here:

flatpak run com.usebottles.bottles

First, thank you for helping… Now it opened!