Brand new out of the box Endless mini 2gb/32gb EC-100. i can't update from os 3.0.4...can't install no apps

Si te marca error brincate el comando y ejecuta el resto de los comandos mas abajo vienen esos mismo comando pero mas en especifico para nuestros equipos de arquitectura arm

ejecuta tambien estos comandos

es el mismo comando pero redactado de otra manera… la finalidad es que recibas una segunda firma de eos-sdk mas nueva ya que la que tenemos ya caduco en mayo 2021

eso mismo hice, que aunque me marcara error continue con los demas pero no actualiza mi sistema…en el segundo comando que me hiciste favor de decirme el cual es:
rm -f eos-fix-ostree-repo
chmod +x eos-fix-ostree-repo
sudo ./eos-fix-ostree-repo && flatpak update -y

El resultado fue este:

(lo envío en foto)

(Attachment repositorio.odt is missing)

Daniel or Leandro:

Thank you for answering our questions. Today I spend a long call with Escorpionfelino and we found out that his EC-100 can not upgrade after 3.3.20 because it has an issue with the SD card. The SD card is formatted and only root has permissions (we were not able to format it) but we did notice that folder /var/endless-extra is not mounted. We also found out that flatpak folder does not exist and command “flatpak repair” outputs error. We also tried “ostree fsck” and it outputs error. I will attach his eos-diagnostic with his permision and i will also quote the output of “ostree fsck”
escorpion@endless-pc:~$ ostree fsck
Validating refs…
Validating refs in collections…
Enumerating objects…
Verifying content integrity of 4 commit objects…
1/164110 objects
error: Loading file object 1bb04d8d31c0bb28c43f872513ef90f60519232731e5b65a972f972d855f005d: openat: Permiso denegado
escorpion@endless-pc:~$ sudo ostree fsck
[sudo] password for escorpion:
Validating refs…
Validating refs in collections…
Enumerating objects…
Verifying content integrity of 4 commit objects…
1/164110 objects
16412/164110 objects
32823/164110 objects
49234/164110 objects
65645/164110 objects
82056/164110 objects
98467/164110 objects
114878/164110 objects
131289/164110 objects
147700/164110 objects"

I thought that my commands would help him, but I do not know how to fix the SD card because it is restricted but missing link to endless-extra, therefore we ask for your assistance. Thank you in advance.

eos-diagnostic-210720_191908_UTC-0500.txt (614,1 KB)

Thanks for your help looking into this. I suspect after reformatting and setting up the appropriate links etc we would also have to create the ostree repo there. Or we could try to reimage it.

But this SD card has no partitions and hence is likely failed.

Can the product be returned to the seller for replacement? I presume it was sold as a 32GB storage device and many preinstalled apps, but seems like it arrived with half the storage and most of the apps missing.

Gracias a mi amigo gersoncampos7 quien fue el que me ayudo a corregir los errores que presentaba mi EC 100 mini, para que pudiera llegar a la version 3.8.8…El mero master…

we did format sd card after creqating new user. then downloaded and ran all commands quoted here:
“rm -f eos-fix-ostree-repo
chmod +x eos-fix-ostree-repo
sudo ./eos-fix-ostree-repo && sudo flatpak update”
after that it started updates and sd card was recognized

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Hello friend, could you tell me what procedure did you follow to format the SD since I have the same problem and I cannot go from update 3.3.20 , it arrived with version 3.0 and manages to update to 3.3 but from then on I couldn’t go through despite following all the commands that were previously put in the publication.

Hello, this post is the only thing I have found about this equipment, I just acquired it and I was able to update from 3.0 to 3.4, in the endless version, but I have not been able to update to 3.8, I would appreciate your advice, greetings and thanks