[BUG] Oddity with Virtualbox Automount Folder

Shared folders which are automatically mounted via Shared Folders configuration get the following permissions per default:

root:vboxsf with permission 0770

Per default, nobody is in the vboxsf group, you have to manually add one. Here come’s the oddity. In


the following line is present:

group:          files altfiles systemd

which means, the system looks for groups at first in /etc/group, then in /usr/lib/group and at last in the corresponding systemd module. The group vboxsf is defined in /usr/lib/group which is located in a read-only location, so the usual tools like adduser fail to add the user to the group:

sudo adduser egon vboxsf

results in:

Adding user `egon' to group `vboxsf' ...
gpasswd: group 'vboxsf' does not exist in /etc/group
adduser: `/bin/gpasswd -a egon vboxsf' returned error code 3. Exiting.

To work around the issue, you have to insert the corresponding line from /usr/lib/group into /etc/group:


Then the usual commands for adding the user to the group work again.

Thank you very much, @egrath!

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