Can´t print with epson TM-T20II

I installed an epson TM-T20II thermal printer without any apparent error but I can’t print.
A generic text driver was automatically installed, I manually added a ppd file with the paper settings.

Whenever I try to print the jobs are stopped without receiving any error.

Can anyone help?

Need Help
the drivers are available on the epson webpage.
How can I install them with command line?

I can print on Debian distro but not on Endless.
I just had to install the Epson drivers.

In endless I can’t run the installation script.
Is there any way to install Cup drivers manually?
Can they be copied to a specific folder?
On debian they seem to be in the opt/epson_pcs/ folder and in the var/epson_pcs folder

Thank you very much for your feedback here.

Unfortunately we have found that supporting those kinds of vendor-provided drivers on our uniquely shaped OS requires much work, and such drivers tend to break often.

We have reduced our focus to smartphone-compatible printers as a result.

I’m afraid this likely means you cannot use this specialised printer on Endless OS.

I appreciate your support.