Can TeXlive be downgraded?

After the last TeXstudio upgrade, this can’t recognize the installed TeXlive (when I run the application, it sends the message “No LaTeX distribution was found on your system. As a result, the corresponding commands are not configured. This means, that you cannot compile your documents to the desired output format (e.g. pdf).”). I re-installed TeXstudio, but the problem is still present. So, I’m thinking that the problem could be TeXlive. Thanks!

The issue here is, that TeXstudio does not add the needed org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.texlive as a dependency and relies on a installed TeX distribution on the host - which does not work on Endless OS and is in general kinda strange (to run the Editor Sandboxed but not the compiler).

I would recommend you to open up a ticket on their issue tracker regarding this.

/edit: As a Workaround: You can use TexWorks, which includes the dependency and works excellently.