Cannot install VLC


i am using endless version 3.5.7 (190311-093720).

I uninstalled vlc by mistake and now when i try to install it back it gets stuck at 33% and then gives me an error that it could not find file object.
I am not computer savvy but from reading online forums i learned that i should run eos-diagnostics command. I am attaching the the result as i do not understand it. Please help me to install VLCeos-diagnostic-190318_132113_UTC 0530.txt (4.8 MB).

Also can someone tell me how to logout of this forum. I am On a public computer.


Hi @anmol
If you have not managed to solve your problem and nobody has answered you here yet try to open a ticket to support by clicking this link:
The support team will get i n tpuch with you be mail in 1 day.


Hi, can you try:
flatpak update --appstream
flatpak update -y
flatpak install -y flathub org.videolan.VLC

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