Can't access BIOS, only get fast scrolling text

I got a new notebook for me and it came with Endless OS. My notebook enters BIOS by pressing F2, but now when I press it, I get lots of lines which appear so fast that I can’t even read them! The beginning of most of them is “[ OK ]” in green color. I don’t know what to do, it’s my first Linux device.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:
eos-diagnostic-200709_113849_UTC-0400.txt (834.7 KB)

Hi, Can you send us a screenshot of this?

Thanks! Is this preventing you from accessing the OS?

No. I can access the OS, only having trouble with BIOS.
Also noticed that these lines appear for about like 1 second when I choose to restart the notebook.

oh thats normal it’s totally fine

@Byron_Diaz, what should I do?

You could try updating Endless OS to 3.8.4

I did it, but the problem remains