Cant install kodi

Cant install Kodi. When you click on it it just disappears

Hi @Wilmont_Smith, sorry to hear you’re having problems with Kodi. Can you show us where you are clicking (maybe take a screenshot with the PrtScr key on your keyboard and attach it here) and after you’ve seen the problem, follow the instructions at to get a diagnostic log and attach it to the forum here.

Hi @Wilmont_Smith,

There is indeed an issue with Kodi app in the app-center.
Do you mind installing it via Terminal following the steps below while we try and investigate the app-center issue in more depth:

  • Open Terminal
  • Type the command: flatpak install -y flathub tv.kodi.Kodi
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • You can run Kodi via Terminal : flatpak run tv.kodi.Kodi (or should be now available via applications’ search bar on the desktop)

Let us know if you encounter any issues with the steps given above.

Thanks for the report. We have identified the problem and fixed it too.

The fix will be contained in the next EndlessOS release 3.7.4

Thanks again for pointing out the problem :slight_smile:

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