Can't install Telegram app

Bug Report

Hardware: ASUS Z550MA
OS Version: 3.4.0
Locale: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Portuguese Version
Application: Telegram App

== Description: ==
I couldn’t install Telegram app in the version 3.4. Appeared a error: “Isn’t possible install Telegram Desktop because don’t have support”.

== Steps to Reproduce: ==

  1. Opened the App Center
  2. Searched from Desktop App
  3. Clicked to install
    3- Appeared an error

== Expected Results: ==
Telegram Desktop app should be installed correctly.

== Actual Results: ==
I couldn’t install Telegram Desktop App

== Logs: ==eos-diagnostic-180508_134313_UTC-0300.txt (526,1 KB)

== Screenshots: ==

@Beatriz_Calado I see that this report was on 3.4.0-beta1, and we’ve fixed some things related to app installs in the meantime, and I think there may have also been a recent fix of the Telegram build on Flathub. Can you please update to 3.4.0-beta3 and try again?