Can't use scanner Brother MFC-8860DN

Printer OK but no scanner

Hello to all,
I just installed EndlessOS to make a try and I notice that when a driver is missing it is impossible to add it since the file system is read-only.

For the next system update can you include the correct driver for this printer (Brother MFC-8860DN)
When I plug in the printer it automatically installs as an MFC-8840D. It works to print but the built-in scanner is not recognized on the Simple-scan application.
I specify that everything works in Manjaro, the drivers (brscan2) are in the AUR.

my eos diag

Thanks for trying Endless & providing this feedback!

We’ve tried working with those vendor-specific drivers in the past (too many of them) but we have found that they break too much over the long term. And they are sometimes incompatible with the read-only ostree approach you have observed, unfortunately.

Currently we focus on scanners that are smartphone-compatible. More info:

Sorry for any inconvenience there.

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