Cisco Webex - Lazarus IDE - R installation


I would like to ask you if it would be possible to install Cisco Webex successfully and how? Unfortunately I have seen that in Endless App Center there is no such application option, but they have released distribution (.deb) in their download’s page (

Additionally if it would be possible to install and uninstall Lazarus IDE via the following commands for Ubuntu.

Finally if it would be possible to install R & Rstudio via the following tutorial for Ubuntu.


Hello @asimkon

I would suggest a flatpak or snap or even appimage

Unfortunately, Cisco Webex is not available as a SNAP or FLATPAK version as described on this link

as for deb package , Endless OS is protected with Read-Only Filesystem , so i don’t think installing deb is possible with it, since it uses flatpak behind the scenes , you can read more from here

Thank you

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