Clocks suggestions to add names to timers and more

Simple suggestions to just

  1. Add option to add names to timers.

  2. Add option to set predefined times to add or subtract, before and after timer is set.
    Now you can use only 1m 2m 3m 15m, it be good you can edit them by your preference.

You can custom set duration of add and subtract times before you create timer and after you have created a timer.

  • +5min / -5min / +1min / -1min / +30seconds / -30seconds
  1. Option to sort timers by how long time is left until the end. Sort by name. Sort by category, maps or tags.

  2. Option to set how long snooze last on alarm. From 15seconds up to 30min, and you can custom set it for every alarm alone.

  3. To add option to stop Alarms from notification menu.

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Thank you very much for these suggestions!

The clocks app is created by the GNOME community. You can collaborate with those working on it here:

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