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Hi there, this is the second time I am writing to this great community. I previously had an issue with the wifi dongle not recognised but not with 5.1 os all is resolved.

Now the question is, I have a pc Wondows game (freedom fighters for widows 98/2000/me/xp) and I am trying to find a way to play it on the endless os 5.1.

I am not very technical, I am not very “smart” in computer matters. So if anyone can help me step by step I will try to follow as best I can.

Thank you my friends.

Sadly if a game or app is not designed for Linux it is unlikely to work on Endless OS - in the same way that you would not be able to run a Windows-only game on an Apple laptop or an Android smartphone.

However, there is an app in the app center called Bottles, which can successfully run some (not all) Windows apps/games to an acceptable degree under Endless OS.

Some other notes on games support:

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