Computer keeps crashing

Hi, hope somebody can help me…
After my battery went dead because i forgot to plug it in, plugged it back in, power on my laptop, it stops working…

I did found a solution for this because this happend every time my laptop was turned of or restarted.
Went to terminal en typed: sudu eos-rollback
Restarted and then was everything back to normal…

Now its not… it keeps getting stuck time after time…

I’m now typing from my phone…

Please help.
Thanks very much!!

Now back on the computer. For the moment it seems fine. Guess I did the rollback about 5 times… Untill it worked again… Don’t know how this will turn out?
I did a diagnostics for anybody that can check what is wrong with this.
Every time I restart my pc is does this…

eos-diagnostic-221112_223746_UTC 0000.txt (662.3 KB)

When you say “getting stuck”, what do you see? Does the Endless logo screen show? If so, can you try pressing Escape when that screen shows, and take a photo of whatever text output is shown on-screen?

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Somethimes it just doesn’t do anything and I only can see my home-screen… After a restart. Nothing works, no button, not even my mouse.
Somethimes when I think it’s fixed, I open something (a folder or internet or …) and then it get’s stuck on that. Same… Can press all buttons, but it doesn’t respond, no mouse.

So I think that every time Endless does a update for a new version, it is like this.

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