Connecting to Windows computer in LAN

I have bought a notebook with Endless OS. And I like this OS!
And I have a Windows computer in my home network as a NAS.
Both are connected to router (notebook by Wi-Fi and desktop by Ethernet).
How can I get data from my NAS to notebook?

HI @Lars

First, enable the file sharing by going to Settings>Sharing>File Sharing.

Then go to Documents>Other Locations and connect to the network that you need to,

Please let us know if this information is useful.

Yes, I did.
But the request “Login/Password” appeared.
I entered my Login/Psw of Endless, but it was incorrect.
I entered Log/Psw of desktop user - the same thing.
What else?


Maybe you can try to password protected sharing off

No! No! I’ve checked it!

OK! I created home workgroup in Windows, and got access from notebook to Window computer.
Thank you!
Now I can copy files&folder in both directions, but can’t see the process :frowning:

And I didn’t see the notebook in computer network environment anyway!

Hi Lars,

Good to hear that now you can copy files & folders in both directions.

Let me check with our engineers if there is anything in our hands that we can do to assist.