Contribute Endless OS to our community

In the late 90’s, I was able to try the most popular Linux distribution, in my opinion. It is an American technology too.

Until now, I’m still using Open Source as my computer laptop desktop.

My passion is to contribute my knowledge and experience about Open Source. I still have a burden to help my community to share how important Open Source technology. Especially, to the students in remote locations.

Please provide additional resources and help, so that I can start it.


A finales de los años 90, pude probar la distribución de Linux más popular, en mi opinión. Es una tecnología estadounidense también.

Hasta ahora, todavía estoy usando Open Source como el escritorio de mi computadora portátil.

Mi pasión es contribuir con mi conocimiento y experiencia sobre el código abierto. Todavía tengo una carga para ayudar a mi comunidad a compartir la importancia de la tecnología de código abierto. Especialmente, a los estudiantes en ubicaciones remotas.

Proporcione recursos y ayuda adicionales para poder comenzar.

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Hi Froilanr,

What kind of resources would help you? We have many online and digital resources that are easily available, and physical items that we may be able to send you.

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My laptop is an old MacBook white, 2010 model. 2Gb RAM. Dual-core procesor. The older version of Endless was compatible.

The recent version of Endless OS I downloaded is not compatible. The mouse doesn’t work. Also, the icons don’t load, when I use my usb flash drive as a start-up, to test it.

I don’t have another hardware to test it. I’m force to use another popular and also excellent Linux flavor on my laptop.

I wish I can install it again on my laptop to use and test it, and will use it to demonstrate the usefulness of Endless OS for a student, for example.

I think I should visit our local public school’s office in our community (city), to share the capability of Endless OS.

It is really my burden to share my knowledge or experience to the students who don’t have a computer to use.

I talked to several public school students. They were lower level of elementary students. I am very sad because I learned they don’t have an opportunity to use a computer. How can our country continue to improve and the lives of our community if the basic use of a computer is not accessible to them? They don’t know how to operate a computer, in my opinion.

The good news is those Grade 11 and Grade 12 can use a computer. But in my opinion, the use of the computer laboratory is very limited. I’m talking about our public schools here, too.

I believe the earlier a child can use a computer it will be an advantage to him/her. I don’t know why our government is not helping the lower levels of elementary students to use a computer.

I don’t know how to encourage or persuade our local government to use Endless OS.

I believe the Endless OS can help our elementary, and high school students to learn how to use an advance operating system, research offline or online, and learn to code.

Also, the new local government college here is a prospect. In my opinion.

Something that would help us a lot to understand the problem would be this:

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:


  1. The above command will create a file with the information of your system (example: eos-diagnostic-160614_111731_UTC + 0100.txt); Send us this file so we can analyze and see a possible solution

Hello @froilanr how are you, I tell you that in the garden of my daughter I ordered used computers and assemble 5 computers with Intel Celeron D processor, 80 GB discs. install Endless 3.3.1 and everything goes very well, it’s a bit slow but it’s all going, and with that install in each classroom a team and the truth will change your life, not to mention the teachers’ thanks. It seems to me that if you can ask to donate the equipment you do not use you could put something similar, well I wish you good luck and that’s where Endless can give you a hand …

Thank you for the encouragement.

I will still do my best to share Open Source.

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I can’t run the terminal application, because Endless OS doesn’t boot.

Southeast Asia’s poorest mostly Filipinos, Indonesians – ASEAN report

That is the current news. It is my passion to help the poor. I’m not a rich person, but I’m more
blessed with education, financial, and health.

The poor need: health, education and work. To improve financially, health, and mental.

Please come to our country to promote your product. Like where you started it already, in Indonesia, and South America.

I am willing to help to promote Endless and help our country to improve their lives because of education (technology).

I believe Open Source is really needed not only in poor countries but all over the world. To improve lives, work, and education.

Also, I’m willing to be mentored by Endless to be educated and I will share what will I learn from Endless.

Thank you Endless (the people, workers, employees, enthusiast, the educators, scientist, engineers, the investors, the motivators and leader/s, etc.), and I hope you will consider my post again. I believe this product (Endless OS) will help our country and the world to be educated in computer technology, and improve lives, work, health, education…


Los más pobres del sudeste asiático, en su mayoría filipinos e indonesios, según la ASEAN

El informe señala, sin embargo, que la pobreza extrema en la región cayó al 7% en 2013 desde un máximo del 17% en 2005.

Los más pobres del sudeste asiático, en su mayoría filipinos e indonesios, según la ASEAN

Esa es la noticia actual. Es mi pasión ayudar a los pobres. No soy una persona rica, pero soy más
bendecido con educación, finanzas y salud.

Los pobres necesitan: salud, educación y trabajo. Para mejorar financieramente, salud y mental.

Por favor, ven a nuestro país para promocionar tu producto. Como en donde lo comenzaste ya, en Indonesia y Sudamérica.

Estoy dispuesto a ayudar a promover Endless y ayudar a nuestro país a mejorar sus vidas gracias a la educación (tecnología).

Creo que el Código Abierto es realmente necesario no solo en los países pobres sino en todo el mundo. Para mejorar vidas, trabajo y educación.

Además, estoy dispuesto a ser instruido por Endless para que me eduque y compartiré lo que aprenderé de Endless.

Gracias Endless (las personas, los trabajadores, los empleados, los entusiastas, los educadores, los científicos, los ingenieros, los inversores, los motivadores y los líderes, etc.), y espero que consideren mi publicación nuevamente. Creo que este producto (sistema operativo sin fin) ayudará a nuestro país y al mundo a ser educados en tecnología informática y mejorar vidas, trabajo, salud, educación …

Hi @froilanr,

We would love to have your help spreading Endless in your country. We have a presence now in Indonesia, but not yet in the Philippines. Where are you located?

Thank you mhall, located in Angeles City, Pampanga.

I will continue to spread and share Endless OS here in our place. I hope I can help my countrymen to improve their lives. I believe Open Source technology is very important, because it help people to learn, study, research, program, work, etc.

I will continue to study the Endless OS too.

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Thanks @froilanr! We don’t have a Filipino version of Endless OS right now, would the English or Indonesian version be more useful there?

Also, if we get some more Filipino speakers here on the forums I can open up a new language sub-category for it, just let me know when you think there are enough people who speak it for it to be useful.

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I think we can share Endless OS in english in the Philippines. Most Filipinos can speak basic english, at least.

I am concern with the people who lives in remote areas, like our native people. Anyway our government is trying to help them also to be educated. I think it is not a big concern.

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Can you please send your techniques how to share Endless OS? I want to study.


The best way to share Endless OS is to put it on a USB stick using our Windows installer or download the image file and put it on manually. Then you can share this USB stick with anybody who wants to try it or install it on their computer.