Create a possibility to edit the 'keybundle' (?) = Schlüsselbund


I see no possivbility to edit the keybundle (if this is the right word) of the user by admin. It will be necessery if he can’t remember what he wrote their. At the menu of the name and password of the user it should be possible.

Once in user-account I didn’t remember it an d tied to cancel, several times the input was required, the window opened again an again. I tried to log out, the system said ‘You will be logged out in 2 MInutes’, but it did not happen, I could use the user-account longer.

But I’m lucky to have your os for a boy of 14 years who playes with win10 5 hours a day. He can’t no more.

Bye, Manfred

To edit the GNOME Keyring, you can use the Application “Seahorse” which you can find in the App Center.

/edit: ich weiß nicht ob ich deine Fragestellungen richtig verstanden habe. Wenn nicht, schick mir bitte eine Nachricht.

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