Cursor changed after Update

My Cursor changed after the last Update to a red blinking Arrow respectively something like a red blinking hexagon,and that is really pissing me off now,i dont know how to change it and i dont know where it is coming from.


Disable Hack mode

i do not have the Clubhouse installed

Try running this command in a terminal:

gsettings set hack-mode-enabled false
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SUPER: finally that Hexagon and that blinking Cursor is gone.

Thank You very much

That garbage came back after a restart,i have the blinking Cursor and
that Hexagon again.

i think i will uninstall Endless and try Ubuntu

have the same problem:

clubhouse messed up my Kids Pc,i could not uninstall the Clubhouse and the Cursor is blinking all the time and there is some kind of an orange spaceship blinking when the pc is loading.
I was trying all the things from this posts.
That clubhouse app finally is gone, but the Cursors are still changed.
What can i do ? my son has epilepsia and that blinking cursor and that “Spaceship” is a problem for him.
Please help

Just open a terminal and type:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-theme Adwaita

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