Difficulties with screens

New in the community, I want to modernize for elementary school in FRANCE the application “primtux” used by our teachers.
In each class, the teacher has

  • a laptop on a docking station with the Primtux distribution,
  • a 24" screen
  • a video projector 'Epson W685Wi
  • accessories (tablet, cam, dvdrom, …)

Historically Primtux (Debian base) was intended for children, and was supposed to work with old computers. Specificities ( fluxbox, LightDM, XFCE4-Panel, LXPanel …) have been retained for that.

So I adapted this application for teachers, but it is no longer up to date … I just discovered EndlessOs and I am very happy :slight_smile:
It’s both a fantastic product and an international community.

I’m currently testing the necessary features for our teachers.
Our thinkpad X230’s have not posed any problem to the installation nor to the V5 update.

The only difficulty is in managing the screens…
until now the external 24" screen and the video projector display the same content, “they are duplicated”.
But with this Gnome wayland version we don’t have this possibility anymore, which is a big problem with the use of the “OpenBoard” application.
The OpenBoard application is used every day.
Teachers have been creating their lessons with this application for more than 4 years,

With Primtux I managed the displays with xrandr (gnome3 also allowed to duplicate screens),

With endlessos it is not possible

Do you think it is still adaptable with EndlessOS?

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