Distributing codecs outside of US?


If i don’t make error about patented codec : Fedora have rpmfusion . because rpmfusion are not hosted in United State.
If i don’t make error H264 is a free codec with patent in US only.

Then : can i distribute endless-codec-upgrade.eck on my european server legally ? Or better : maybe there can be a semi-official endlessos european community with european server to distribute it ?
Is it possible or not ?

And if not : can i have the exact reason ( we can have endless-codec_free-upgrade , endless-codec_non-free-upgrade etc …).

This don’t really answer to my question about free codec with patent distribution WITHOUT chrome.

Endless is a US-based company, so really we can only answer about the licenses/royalties/etc we have to handle. Even if we hosted it outside the US, I’d imagine we’d still be liable - the relevant codec licensors claim/assert that their patents have worldwide validity. You may disagree, but we can’t provide legal advice to you. :slight_smile:

We are working on a plan with fdk-aac (“stripped” by RedHat so it avoids the more recent / still patented parts of AAC) plus an OpenH.264 binary download from Cisco, so that eventually we’d be able to play all of these files in our Chromium browser worldwide without any additional royalties, but it won’t be ready for our next major release.

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